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As I wrote on Substack, as I put a wrap on 2023’s productions, I had one last side project that was in the works. Yesterday was the launch of DeepSea Magazine’s new podcast the Made Under Pressure podcasthosted by the Analog ExplorerEpisode 00 has hit the feeds, and with it, as any kind of new creative project brings with it, I had a wave of inspiration.

In the animal kingdom, it’s funny how groups of animals get what’s called a collective noun. For instance, a flock of crows; a murder of crows. How about a group of Orcas; a pod of Orcas. And that got me thinking, what about a pod of octopuses? Funny enough, a group of octopuses, as best I can find, is called a consortium. A very fitting description of DeepSea Magazine with its many collaborations and the ideology behind its founder. As a PNW diver, I am a fan of our GPO and the other octopus we are host to in the Pacific Northwest in our Puget Sound and Salish Sea waters. So, with some creative liberties, to join in on this DeepSea consortium, I created a few podcast-octopuses to encapsulate my alter-ego for this podcast and as a partner in DeepSea Magazine.

Behind the mic with Episode 00 | “Divers Doing Good”

To start things off, I finally got time and pinned down the ever constantly busy founder of DeepSea Magazine, Jeff Scott. On Episode 00 he shared his plans coming out of DeepSea HQ for the magazine, DeepSea Locker and its gear, and most importantly to me, who will be joining me on the mic in 2024.

I am excited for the line up for the podcast. There are some incredibly talented men and women of, in, around, and adjacent to the diving space who are planning to be on the show. As I titled the episode, what draws me to DeepSea Magazine (and it’s various arms) is Jeff’s mission of being a positive platform and highlighting “divers doing good.” With any community, there are so many different niches and areas that define that group, or dare I say 🐙consortium. With DeepSea that is no different, the term “diving” or “diver” can mean a lot of different things. And with it, different and creative stories to be shared in and around the pressures we feel at the depths we spend our time at.

Coming soon to Made Under Pressure

Rachel Novak

Freediving & Mermaid Instructor. American Ninja Warrior. Cast of Merpeople on Netflix. PharmD. US Freediving Team 2023

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Nico Booyens
Director of Research @sharkresearchunit,
📍Mossel Bay, South Africa

Tavi Castro
🔱 Actor. Under water Stunt. Videographer. Founder @bodyengineers and Athlete @ruleoneproteins

And a few others, but more about all that in 2024 🐙

Now for my friends in the #watchfam, maybe…just maybe, in 2024 I might even get hands on with the newly announced collaboration with DeepSea and @ralftech_official AMPHIBIAN watch ….keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thank you all as always for your continued support. As always, I’ll be sharing updates on this, as well as Analog Explorer, and all my other happenings here.

Until then, happy holidays, happy new year, and see you in 2024.

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