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…and the three years of PNW lifestyle that defined its patina.

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  • Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze: three years of patina and adventure

    Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze: three years of patina and adventure

    As we come to father’s day 2023, it marks two things for me. First, it’s been three years after Covid-19 derailed anything we saw as “normal.” Second, it’s been three years of wearing a bronze watch and watching it patina; the Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze.  Of the many posts, photos, and podcasts I publish, there is…

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  • Silent Disco in the PNW Outdoors

    Silent Disco in the PNW Outdoors

    A photoshoot that bridges experiencing the outdoors through dance, music, and the light of dusk. I have to admit when I client commissioned me to shoot their event… I had to Google what it was. I’ve shot a lot of different kinds of different events that has dancing that comes along with it or is…

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  • Essence of Bellingham 2023

    Essence of Bellingham 2023

    The City of Bellingham in partnership with the Whatcom Museum each year hosts the local photo competition called the “Essence of Bellingham” (EOB). The goal is to capture the ‘essence’ of Bellingham and the PNW life lived here in our small part Whatcom County. The competition invites community members kids to adults to submit photos that capture…

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