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Fac Tempus Ad Explorandum


…and the three years of PNW lifestyle that defined its patina.

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  • AE. 20 | Jason Heaton

    AE. 20 | Jason Heaton

    Jason Heaton has carved out a distinctive niche for himself in the #watchfam. He and his wife, Gishani, are an adventuresome traveling duo. Diving around the world to photograph and write about some of the most horologically heavy-hitting dive watches that the world, and the deep, have ever seen. Jason’s writing has been featured in print…

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  • Diving the Destroyer HMCS Annapolis

    Diving the Destroyer HMCS Annapolis

    A Canadian Naval Destroyer, still serving her country’s waters, but now serving in a different command capacity. [Be sure to check out the voiceover for this article on Substack, it more like a mini-podcast – hope you enjoy 🎙️] This has been the dive I’ve been looking forward to all month. A diver’s road trip that goes…

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  • Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze: three years of patina and adventure

    Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze: three years of patina and adventure

    As we come to father’s day 2023, it marks two things for me. First, it’s been three years after Covid-19 derailed anything we saw as “normal.” Second, it’s been three years of wearing a bronze watch and watching it patina; the Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze.  Of the many posts, photos, and podcasts I publish, there is…

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