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A Watch for Daddy-Duty

As with any watch-geek, once your friends know you are ‘into watches,’ you become the defacto go-to person for watch advise. More recently in talking to friends, I’ve found that new dads find themselves coming into watches as they hope to have an heirloom to … Continue readingA Watch for Daddy-Duty

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Essence of Bellingham 2018

One of the photo competitions I look forward to every year is Bellingham’s very own Essence of Bellingham. Sponsored by the Whatcom Museum and the City of Bellingham, each year students, amateurs, and professionals living in Bellingham/Whatcom County submit their shots that capture the essence … Continue readingEssence of Bellingham 2018

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“Fan Dancer”

Peacocks; you gotta hand it to them: They are the original masters of flaunting and attention grabbing. Known for their eye catching plumage adorned in iridescent emerald green and sapphire blue eyespot (sometimes ocellus), these ocellus laden plumes are used for “communication and courtship” which … Continue reading“Fan Dancer”

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