Every Moment Has A Story

Duck Down To Delta

We may have turned the seasonal corner in the Pacific Northwest, as we ‘spring forward’ in time and in weather. With this, our tendency to venture outside grows stronger with every day it gets warmer. If you are a fan of wildlife, especially birds, and … Continue readingDuck Down To Delta

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“Time in the North”

Chris and I go on a $24 adventure, it’s a rail trip! As we head from BLI to YVR by way of American train; find out on this episode how Chris finds an analog heaven full of paper. I meet a master timelord named Jason … Continue reading“Time in the North”

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Shooting the Iconic OM-1

When you ask someone to sketch out something “iconic” we tend to draw out the shape of the one thing that defines a category of an object. Sometimes even out of obsolesce; take for instances the “save” button in most software, when really was the … Continue readingShooting the Iconic OM-1

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