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A very brown patinaed Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze on a Toxic Nato Grey strap on wrist stylishly with hand in pocked with a black button up


…and the PNW lifestyle that defined its patina.


“Traveling & Trekking
with a Toddler.”

…and how the pandemic created “Adventuregogy

5-year-old looking at wrist watch in the forest

Adventure School
& Blok 33

…and the PNW lifestyle that defined its patina.

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  • Essence of Bellingham 2023

    Essence of Bellingham 2023

    The City of Bellingham in partnership with the Whatcom Museum each year hosts the local photo competition called the “Essence of Bellingham” (EOB). The goal is to capture the ‘essence’ of Bellingham and the PNW life lived here in our small part Whatcom County. The competition invites community members kids to adults to submit photos that capture […]

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  • AE. 17 | The Antiquarian Horologist- Brittany Nicole Cox

    AE. 17 | The Antiquarian Horologist- Brittany Nicole Cox

    Mechina Intelligence? It’s interesting that right now, artificial intelligence is really dominating the headline. Society once again is awestruck and surprised that machines, mechina, can “simulate intelligence” or act like they are alive. It can come off like magic inside of a box or a ghost in a machine in this digital age. As I […]

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  • AE. 16 | “Watches and Wondering”

    AE. 16 | “Watches and Wondering”

    Updates and a surprise conversational collaboration episode between the Analog Explorer and Zulu Time Podcast. Episode and show notes also available on Substack. This week has been a busy production week with coordinating some future guests to be on the show as well as two recordings (more on that later). Earlier in the week I […]

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