• Virtual Studio Tour; Video

    Virtual Studio Tour; Video

    Thank you everyone who registered and joined in for the Virtual Studio Tour, and my thanks for WWU Alumni for hosting it. As I’ve said before, for me it is hard not to have ‘time’ or horology show up in my photography style. Photographers; we were the first ‘timelords’ . Being able to capture stories…

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  • Resources for beginning 3D scanning and modeling

    Resources for beginning 3D scanning and modeling

    Many of the tools I’ve been covering in the STC’s Intro to 3D Making workshop can be used by anyone; for free or free-ish 3D Modeling & Making 3D modeling: check out Autodesk‘s 123D design: http://www.123dapp.com/design 3D slicing: check out Cura (especially if you are a WWU student looking to prep your model for the STC’s Ultimaker 2 printers)…

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  • A Maker Timelord

    A Maker Timelord

    Earlier this week HODINKEE published a fantastic article on how an engineer, and watch enthusiast, created a model of a working tourbillion watch calibre for 3D print. What was great about this maker is that Laimer put up all the schematics up on Thingaverse and Autodesk 360. I have always admired the engineering and design…

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  • Where does photography end, and 3D begin?

    Where does photography end, and 3D begin?

      AJ by AJ on Sketchfab Experimenting and researching different 3D technologies has brought be down an interesting, yet deep, photo-philosophic rabbit hole. Much like Alice in Wonderland, I find myself trying to understand if I am the one that is huge in a small room, or is the room so small I seem huge?…

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