• Tomb Raider and Timex

    Tomb Raider and Timex

    The year is 1996. In the geek and gamer world, pixels were being traded for polygons as gaming continued its evolution beyond 16bit into 3d graphics. One character that debuted on the shortly lived Sega Saturn would later define the genre of action adventure, Lara Croft. Rendered with, we’ll just say pixel-tight, teal top and…

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  • Salish Sea Worthy skx007

    Salish Sea Worthy skx007

    I love a good tool watch. Something that literally can be worn for anything, go anywhere, and be anything. For this project, I wanted to take what I learned from building the Bellingham Bay, but go a little more simple and practical. Enter the Seiko skx007 and its workhorse 7S26 movement. The watch is an icon for…

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  • Time’s End for a Timelord’s Journey

    Time’s End for a Timelord’s Journey

    After three months of design, researching, importing parts, and collaborating with a local leather works show; this prototype “Bellingham Bay” PNW built, Swiss movement watch is finished! I am a watch nerd. A horologist. A tinkerer. And yet, a technologist. When I set out on this project, I wanted to take a geek’s approach to…

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  • A Timelord Strapped for Time

    A Timelord Strapped for Time

    I love a good NATO strap, most adventure inspired watch enthusiasts are, but I’ve never really had any luck finding a comfortable leather one. For some reason with my wrist either the strap sits the watch case too much off my wrist, or the band itself doesn’t sit the watch case square on my wrist.…

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