• Tomb Raider and Timex

    Tomb Raider and Timex

    The year is 1996. In the geek and gamer world, pixels were being traded for polygons as gaming continued its evolution beyond 16bit into 3d graphics. One character that debuted on the shortly lived Sega Saturn would later define the genre of action adventure, Lara Croft. Rendered with, we’ll just say pixel-tight, teal top and…

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  • “The Underwater Farmer” – Peninsula Kelp Co.

    “The Underwater Farmer” – Peninsula Kelp Co.

    Meet Graham Gannon, professional diver and co-owner of the Peninsula Kelp Co based out of Northern Ireland. Unlike past episodes, this time you’ll find two episodes in the Analog Explorer Podcast feed. The first, AE. 07, is produced in more of a storytelling narrative format. You’ll be diving [literally] into the backstory of Graham and…

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  • Zulu Time Podcast Ep. 47

    Zulu Time Podcast Ep. 47

    Just in time to celebrate a belated USA Independence Day, I was invited back on the Zulu Time Podcast, with UK host Dan (@timely_moments). This time, we discuss the our observations of the American watchmaking and manufacturing industry; from the trends to the vibe within USA built/designed/made watches. Vortic Watches (Fort Collins Colorado USA) Custer and Tyler…

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  • 40&20 Episode 60

    40&20 Episode 60

    Eugene Oregon based podcast 40&20, is a podcast hosted each week by Everett and Andrew. A #watchfam based show, each episode is typically centered around “watches, food, drinks, life and other things [they] like.” They are also long time supporters of The Bellingham Podcast, The Analog Explorer, and fellow PNW podcast brethren. This week was…

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