Stories from the Analog Explorer

  • Seiko “Submariner” SKX031

    Seiko “Submariner” SKX031

    The year is 1996. The US watches Will Smith welcome aliens to our planet at the box-office in Independence Day and the top track playing on the radio [that device we had pre-wifi streaming services] is Don’t Speak by No Doubt. This is very much a pre-#watchfam era in media. The just barely budded internet means […]

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  • Diving into the PNW

    Diving into the PNW

    The “Mukilteo T Dock” dive site has a few names. But, the big draw is the huge sunken underwater geodome down at about 60ft. This polyhedron made of ropes and pipes is encrusted with sea-life and is big enough to swim through and explore | YouTube Link. It is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve seen in […]

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  • Analog Explorer Adventure School & Blok 33

    Analog Explorer Adventure School & Blok 33

    The Blok 33 watch is a powerful tool for any father looking to teach their child time managment or just how to read a watch. On the Analog Explorer Adventure School series…

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  • Tomb Raider and Timex

    Tomb Raider and Timex

    The year is 1996. In the geek and gamer world, pixels were being traded for polygons as gaming continued its evolution beyond 16bit into 3d graphics. One character that debuted on the shortly lived Sega Saturn would later define the genre of action adventure, Lara Croft. Rendered with, we’ll just say pixel-tight, teal top and […]

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