Stories from the Analog Explorer

  • The Secret Behind 3D printing

    The Secret Behind 3D printing

    Teaching 25 workshops for WWU students this quarter in beginning 3D design and printing.  Students of any course study can register under the workshops section of the STC website: For more details, see the article in the latest edition of the Western Front:

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  • One Month of Gratitude and Creativity!

    One Month of Gratitude and Creativity!

    It is all coming together! Thank you all for your support with my first month of Patreon! From filming the intro video (camera left), to working on 35mm shots (camera right) and everything in between (Skookum patrons, this shot is a big hint as to where your monthly update is coming from) has elevated Every…

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  • Winchester Mt. Post Processessing (Patreon Preview)

    Winchester Mt. Post Processessing (Patreon Preview)

      While hiking in the Mt. Baker Nation Forest, I climbed up to the fire watch tower on the top of Winchester mountain. Getting up there, was a story for another post…. While I was up there, and waiting out a thunder and lightning storm, I snapped a few shots; mostly ultra wide angle and…

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  • Now on Patreon

    Now on Patreon

    I am excited to be announcing that I am officially launching a Patreon! Become a patron of the arts and help support my photography on Patreon. Supporting this Patreon supports the photography on 500px and VSCO, but with your Evergreen or Cascadian support we can build a community. At those levels on Patreon, you’ll get exclusive content, help expand this…

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