ePUB: The Analog Explorer: Vol.1


  • 20 page fixed layout epub (delivered as a zip file)
  • Works with most popular epub reader apps, including Apple Books
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The Analog Explorer Volume 1 “MNMLST Edition” is now available as a digital magazine. Available as an epub, you can read The Analog Explorer on your favorite digital device that supports epub, including the iPad.

Thia digital edition is a 20 page fixed layout epub that encompasses the writing and photography from AJ Barse’s ongoing Every Moment Has A Story collection.

  • In this first volume, read about AJ’s growing analog minded manifesto as well as:
    • A PNW State of Mind
    • Photographer’s Forward: A Rogue Wave of Time & Light
    • Of Chrome & Time
    • Triforce Rider
    • Finding Mental North
    • Wayfarer: Lighthouses of Washington
    • An Icon of Time: Analog Photography
    • Ride Dapper
    • Timelord Tales:
      • An Heirloom of Time
      • Mod Squad: A Watch On Daddy-Duty
    • Duck Down To Delta
    • Frame Lines


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