Fallen PNW Astronaut Hero

With just 16 minutes to go before touch down, suddenly, on 1 February 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded in the skies above Texas during reentry; killing onboard all seven NASA astronauts instantly. Onboard was 43 year old payload commander, and the mission specialist in charge of science experiments, U.S. Air Force Lt. Col Anderson of Spokane Washington… … Continue readingFallen PNW Astronaut Hero

40 & 20 Episode 22 – Watch Modding With AJ Barse

“n this 22nd Episode of 40 and 20, we have a very special guest-host, AJ Barse, co-host of the Bellingham Podcast, creator of the Analog Explorer Magazine, and the brain behind the recent 4-part series “Why Watches,” featuring four people doing amazing things in the watch world.

Along the way, we talk about watch modding, dad (super) powers, Youtube builders, and a Cal Penn documentary show.” … Continue reading40 & 20 Episode 22 – Watch Modding With AJ Barse