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Recorded livestream of AJ's Travelogue at the Whatcom Museum on "Traveling and Trekking with a Toddler." Tune in to see the background on his development of"Advenagogy" (Adventure-Pedagogy) from PNW living and the concept of 'Adventure School' and how to help teach the value of travel and exploration.

Co-presented by Bellingham Parks & Recreation

BTV (Bellingham TV, City of Bellingham); recorded live 17 February 2022: 1900-21:00 PST from the Bellingham Old City Hall Whatcom

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Feb 17 | Travelogue: “Traveling and Trekking with a Toddler”

Educator, photographer, and technologist AJ Barse will share stories, philosophy, and photography from his experiences traveling the Pacific Northwest, Japan, and Europe. Though the pandemic stopped international travel, it increased his local explorations. He will share his insights as a father teaching his now 5 year old the value of travel and exploration through “adventure school” in the Pacific Northwest. Co-presented by Bellingham Parks & Recreation. …

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Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze & a Year of Patina

2020; the year where we all felt a little weathered – or dare I say patina’d? Within this community of enthusiasts, it’s common to find reviews and a ‘week on the wrist,’ but today I inadvertently offer a different take on a material, and a watch, in a year long ‘pandemic on the wrist’ with the Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze. …

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Jacques Cousteau, the original Capt. Barnacles

When we are children, we are naturally curious creatures. Think about it. They are learning about the world they live in each day as they live it. We as adults forget that. For me, a child of the 80’s, I remember looking at pictures out of a book, and at a man with a distinctive red beanie entitled, The Ocean World of Jaques Cousteau…. …

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