What better way to understand the world we live in; than by seeing it for yourself…

  • Traversing the Ridge of Winchester

    Traversing the Ridge of Winchester

    No summer in the PNW is complete without a good day of hiking. To many hikers, myself included, one of my favorite spots is Winchester Mountain and its lookout station at its top in the Mount Baker Wilderness. To start, take  Mount Baker Highway (SR542) until you start up to Mount Baker. About 12 miles…

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  • A Watch on Daddy-Duty

    A Watch on Daddy-Duty

    As with any watch-geek, once your friends know you are ‘into watches,’ you become the defacto go-to person for watch advise. More recently in talking to friends, I’ve found that new dads find themselves coming into watches as they hope to have an heirloom to pass down. A staple choice is a simple dive watch;…

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  • “Fan Dancer”

    “Fan Dancer”

    Peacocks; you gotta hand it to them: They are the original masters of flaunting and attention grabbing. Known for their eye catching plumage adorned in iridescent emerald green and sapphire blue eyespot (sometimes ocellus), these ocellus laden plumes are used for “communication and courtship” which just sounds like an excellent tag line for nature’s original…

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  • Daibonsho (Zōjō-ji Bell); Japan

    Daibonsho (Zōjō-ji Bell); Japan

    San’en-zan Zōjō-ji (三縁山増上寺) is a historic Buddhist temple in Minato, Tokyo  and can be strolled though on a walking route towards Tokyo Tower. “Zojoji was founded in 1393 as an orthodox and fundamental nembutsu seminary for Jodo shu in the Kanto (east Japan) region.” When you go though “Sangedatsumon,” the main entrance gates, you’ll see…

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