• Now on Patreon

    Now on Patreon

    I am excited to be announcing that I am officially launching a Patreon! Become a patron of the arts and help support my photography on Patreon. Supporting this Patreon supports the photography on 500px and VSCO, but with your Evergreen or Cascadian support we can build a community. At those levels on Patreon, you’ll get exclusive content, help expand this…

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  • AirPlay or Quicktime iOS to a Classroom Projector

    AirPlay or Quicktime iOS to a Classroom Projector

    In a BYOD classroom, network access is everything. From accessing instructional materials, to students submitting work from these tablets, teaching and learning is highly limited without robust connectivity. However, policy and security can inhibit access and by proxy inhibit the ability to fully use the features of tablets in the classroom. One of the most…

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  • Post-up; Mark-down (Editorial)

    Post-up; Mark-down (Editorial)

    As a technologist, I cannot tell you how many files I have recovered or converted for people. I’ve seen the rise and fall of Lotus notes, the ever changing Word doc with and without Clippy, and fly by night website hosts that never make it easy to save out user content when they close their…

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