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Photographers; the original alchemists. Transferring light and time into a box that can preserve a moment, so that others can pass down a story…

AJ's hand reaching down to grab camera off journal on a bench

Virtual Studio Tour; Video

Thank you everyone who registered and joined in for the Virtual Studio Tour, and my thanks for WWU Alumni for hosting it. As I’ve said before, for me it is hard not to have ‘time’ or horology show up in my photography style. Photographers; we were the first ‘timelords’ . Being able to capture stories and preserve moments, pass them on, and retell them. For many in the #watchfam, …

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AJ on a mountain with the cascades with sun streaks going through them and the ZT podcast logo above

Zulu Time Podcast; Episode 10

UK based podcasters, and a part of the #watchfam, Dan (@timely_moments) and Darren (@zulualphastraps) invited me up onto their show to talk “Watches, Podcasts and All Things PNW.” From talking about the stories behind the watches I’ve made, how I started in Seiko modding, to getting started into podcasting; we cover a lot of ground trekking on the many stories around and topics of watches in our lives. …

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