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Meet the #watchfam

One of the side projects I’ve been working on, I am excited to say, has just wrapped up!

It is a mini series for The Bellingham Podcast, in partnership with The Analog Explorer, exploring the stories and people who are a part of this enthusiastic watch community known as the #watchfam.

Tune in to this mini-series to hear interviews with a few people from the community, and learn about their stories (and passions) for watches and horology. Each interview always come to one simple question, that always yields a complex answer from anyone who are ‘into watches’ :

“So…why watches?”

As I mentioned it on Episode 112, this mini series, for me, is about showcasing real people and real watches in the #watchfam. I love much of the watch press that are out there, but I wanted to bring somthing that isn’t just about the timepieces themselves or about the releases from the expos. Just as I wrote in the Analog Explorer, the story isn’t just about what the timepiece is; but rather it is about the wearer and the story it shares with them through their life and lifestyle.

These are folks that I have followed in the community for some time, but really these interviews are the first time where we’ve ever actually talked- that is outside of Instagram. But, you’ll quickly hear how open we all are in the #watchfam. Whether you are solidly steeped in the culture of the #watchfam, or just watch curious, this mini-series is just as open as the people who are on the mic.

How to tune in

To tune in, just subscribe to the Bellingham Podcast wherever you like to listen to your podcasts. Or if you are in the Bellingham area, tune into KMRE 102.3FM (LP) in the weeks to come and catch these AE episodes. In the podcast feed, you’ll know when they come up. Instead of the episode saying “Ep. 10x….” you’ll see them as “AE. 0x.” And be sure to check out the show notes to find out how you can follow each of these #watchfam community members and follow their stories around these tiny horological machines that they are so passionate about.

Tune in this weekend, 2 March, for the first installment of this mini-series!

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