AJ BARSE PHOTOGRAPHY Every Moment Has a Story

Photographer, Educator, & Geek-At-Large in Bellingham

AJ Barse on streets of Bellingham
AJ Barse, Bellingham WA


AJ Barse is an award winning and world traveling photographer in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Bellingham Washington. His style comes from the idea that every moment has a story, and in a single frame he tries to capture and retell that story. As a freelancer, he uses his media and photography skills throughout the Pacific Northwest, and enjoys adventuring across all time and relative dimensions in space.


AJ is a part of Western’s ATUS Department as an Information Technology Specialist in application support. He is a two-time graduate of Western's Woodring College of Education for his bachelor’s degree cum laude with honors in elementary education, and for his master’s degree in adult education during which he was published in the field of digital learning. Prior to his career with Western, he was the communication director for the Lummi Nation, including editor-in-chief of the Squol Quol newspaper. His combined experience lends him over 15 years of knowledge and expertise in the fields of digital arts including print, audio & video production, graphic design and PR.  

Accolades & Recognition

2015 Essence of Bellingham Best of Show2014 December WSFS winner
2014 WSPF December winner
Share the Experience photog contest 2014
2014 National Parks Photo Week 16 winner